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Weird History
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11 Historical Comedies That Got Surprisingly Close To The Truth

Updated 7 Sep 2020 7.3k views11 items

If you're a fan of historical movies, comedies probably aren't your first pick. Of all the movie genres, comedies have the least obligation to be factual when it comes to history. People don't see Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure for an in-depth analysis of Napoleon's tactical genius. They want to see him chilling in late-'80s SoCal. 

But this doesn't mean historical comedies are complete nonsense. Many of these movies still put in the effort to make things as accurate as possible, whether it's something big like the depiction of a historical figure, or smaller details like costumes and props. Other comedies, like Monty Python's Holy Grail and Life of Brian, might not make much of an effort to factually retell events, but still make valid points about the time periods in which they're set. They might not be literally accurate, but they can still be truthful on a deeper level. 

Bottom line, plenty of historical comedies offer more than just laughs if you're willing to give them a chance.

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